Specialty Video Products is here to serve YOU!

Throughout the industry, SVP is known as an innovative, progressive player offering high-end broadcast automation tools tailored to the specific needs of customers of all sizes.  The Company’s technical expertise, design and support capabilities and VAR-level access to all necessary components result in a true partnership between SVP and its growing list of customers.

Turn-key Systems

Specialty Video Products' flagship product, DigiCaster, incorporates ShowMaker software, primary and backup servers and all ancillary devices required to fully automate broadcast operations.  DigiCaster is available in three different configurations – Gryphon for entry level applications, Chimera for mid-level installations and Centaur for enterprise-level complete automation.  Each system provides broadcast automation master control tailored for specific customer requirements, and all can be customized for each application and situation.

Specialty Video Products

In support of the sale of the software products, SVP offers you all necessary hardware to fully outfit your master control room, studio control room.  As a full-service OEM for several equipment manufacturers, SVP provides one-stop shopping for clients building or upgrading their video production facilities. 

Video Bulletin Boards (VBB)

VBBs are the modern version of the physical information boards common in college student unions.  VBBs allow programmers to create all manner of informational content, collect them in sequence and automatically broadcast the information on a 24 hour, 7 day format.  


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