Audio Levelizer - Analog (PAL-AS)
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What is a “Perfect Audio Level™” processor? What does it do for my station?
A D.Co “Perfect Audio Level”™ processor ensures that you have just that at all times – perfect audio levels! 

In both master control and production environments audio variances exist so what do you do? Most studio's have an audio engineer who “rides the mixer” ensuring that levels stay within a range at all times. The PAL-AS works the same as your operator yet does so 24/7/365 thus providing an excellent solution for studio control and master control.

Don’t make the mistake of using a typical “Limiter/Gate” which only clips off loud audio and mutes silence to avoid noise -- that simply doesn't cut it.  The “Perfect Audio Level” processor is far superior as it maintains consistent broadcast levels regardless the input source.

We most commonly ship the unit pre-configured with 2 stereo channels suggesting 1 processor is used for all ingested content to ensure your entire library is at proper levels and the other for program audio to air from all sources at all times.  The system can be expanded to handle up to 9 stereo channels and we also offer solutions for 5.1 whether AES, embedded SDI, and/or HighDef.

In order to have professional broadcast audio levels you need a PAL, it’s like a friend who keeps the levels perfect for you and works for free.  So get a PAL processor and your station will maintain stable broadcast professional audio levels.
Here are more specifics:
The PAL-AS corrects audio level changes throughout a range of more than 30dB.

PAL-AS operates as 2 separate mono audio level controllers. A jumper circuit board sets the PAL-AS to stereo mode, or as two independent mono processors.   (For digital multichannel applications such as 5.1 see the PAL-AES, PAL-SDI, or PAL-HDS)
Please note that the MC1-9 frame is not compatible with the SDI and/or HDS models.

A discreet level control process prevents "ducking" of background audio such as when guns fire or a door slams, and background sounds are prevented from becoming louder when foreground speech stops.

The Multi-band control system avoids "pumping" the audio to prevent audio artifacts from being created. This allows the PAL-AS to control the audio levels without adding a sound of its own. The professional noise gates freeze the audio level when the audio subsides to prevent the "Inrush" of noise when the program is quiet.
Dual L.E.D.’s indicate the amount of gain or limiting for each channel.  A separate L.E.D. displays each gate status. The PAL-AS processor controls stereo audio input variations over a 32 dB range while maintaining the output level within 0.5 dB.

The compatibility level is field adjustable by jumpers on the board. The level can be set for a balanced output of -4, 0, +4 dBm or for -10 dBm unbalanced output.

The PAL-AS provides broadcast quality, professional grade, automatic audio levels, with a price and quality conscious broadcast professional in mind.

The MC1-9 mainframe chassis accommodates up to 9 boards in 3 "RU" (rack unit) spaces.
The “Perfect Audio Level” processor stabilizes audio volume level by adjusting gain so that the output remains constant when the input level varies wildly. And at a fraction of the price of the competition!
Input Level: -20 to +10 dBm (adj. range)
Clip Point: +26 dBu Input Level
Input Level Control: Adjustable Front Panel Control
Impedance: Balanced Hi-Z
Common Mode Suppression: 40 dB Minimum
Mode: Dual Mono or Stereo
Connector: Snap-In Screw Terminal
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz, 0.1 dB TYP.
Control Range: 32 dB
Gate: Gain freeze on Low Level
Distortion: 0.05 %THD TYP.
Signal-To-Noise: 80 dB Minimum
Level (Programmable): -4, 0, +4 dBm, -10 dBm (unbal)
Impedance: Low-Z (Drives 600 Ohms)
Connector: Snap-In Screw Terminal
Level Control: Dual Multicolor L.E.D.
Gates: Green L.E.D. Indicators
High Frequency Limiting: Amber L.E.D.
Card: Fits in one of nine spaces in the MC1-9 Mainframe
Or 1 card in a c-sa
Power Requirement: +/-12 VDC, 150 mA (MC1-9)
MC1-9 Mainframe Chassis SPECIFICATIONS
Includes Dual Redundant Power Supplies
Width: 19"
Height: 5.25" (three rack space)
Depth: 9.62"
Material: Aluminum / Steel
Finish/Coating: Black Alodyne / Yellow Zinc
Front Panel Designations: Rear Screened Acrylic
Rear Panel Designations: Polyester / PCB Screened
Card-Cage Slots: 9 Positions
Card-Cage Board Retainer: Front Panel Thumb-Screw

Power Supply Module MC1-9 Mainframe
Input Voltage (wall mount): 24 Volts AC (Class 2)
Power:  50 Watts (40VA)
Circuit Protection: Auto-Reset (PTC)
Input Frequency: 60 Hz
Output Voltage: +/- 12 VDC
Output Current: 1 Ampere
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