Waveform Vector Scope

Waveform, vector, picture, audio and status/protocol screens are available individually or in several screen combinations. Test results and test screens are output via a DVI-I connector and can drive VGA/XGA monitors. The instrument can be controlled via front panel or remote controlled via Ethernet. And, the entire solution fits in a halfrack wide, one rack unit high space (16 inches deep). It is an ideal solution for locations where a computer monitor already exists (i.e. non-linear edit bays) or for remote monitoring locations.


Compatible with 17 SD and HD standards, the LV 7700 provides for 2 auto-sensing SD/HD inputs. The LV 7720 is the SD-only version of the LV 7700 (all specifications are identical for both units unless otherwise noted). The selected input is reclocked and can be fed to a downstream process. For external reference, the LV 7700 accepts trilevel sync or NTSC or PAL black burst (LV 7720 : NTSC/PAL black burst only).


All screens can be captured and stored; the captured image can be superimposed on live for comparative purposes; an ideal feature for production, camera shading and level matching applications. Captured screens can be stored to a compact flash card as *.BMP files for documentation purposes; the same feature on the LV 5750, has been used in production for set documentation purposes and in system integration and maintenance for proof-of-performance documentation purposes.


Waveform monitor and vectorscope functions include cursor measurements, filters, gain and timing control for all your pro-video measurement needs. Full line select capabilities aid in detailed signal examination; a data dump showing the actual data for each line can be reviewed in detail and with various data layout options.


The Picture monitor includes various markers for safe action and safe title; as well, aspect ratio markers are available to aid in the production process. The Picture monitor also allows a pixel-by-pixel examination of the picture (zoom function).

The instrument also includes a virtual converter and converts Y, Cb, Cr to a Y, R, G, B and NTSC display to aid in gamut monitoring and assist in the color correction process. Y, R, G, B is shown as a waveform and also as a Delta display. The Delta display provides a graphical representation of gamut violations and aids in the error correction and color correction process.


Embedded audio monitoring features include sound image monitoring (surround sound application), multi-lissajous image monitoring, bar graphs with settable hold and value displays. The instrument can monitor and display 8 channels at a time and can be set to work with either group 1 (ch 1 - 8) or group 2 (ch 9 -16).


A variety of protocol parameter monitoring is available and error detection can be turned on and off for individual parameters. Gamut and video level error monitoring is also available and the error levels are user settable. Protocol, gamut and level error logs are maintained; logs can be viewed on the attached monitor (not included), downloaded on the flash card or through the Ethernet (SNMP).


The instrument is DC powered (XLR DC input connector); 12 Vdc, 3A. An AC power adaptor is included; the adaptor accepts universal AC input (100 Vac - 240 Vac).

  •      Multi-Format SD And HD-SDI Rasterizer Conforms To 17 SD & HD Standards; Accommodates 2 SDI Inputs (LV 7720 : SD only).
  •      Waveform, Vector, Audio, Picture And Data Monitoring Functions Can Be Displayed Individually Or In Several Screen Combinations.
  •      XGA Output Provides For Excellent Display Clarity And Resolution.
  •      Extensive Error Detection And Error Logging Facilities Include Gamut Detection And Settable Error Limits.
  •      Selectable Determination Criteria of the Signal Level
  •      Digital Analysis Screens Include Data Dump As Well As Equivalent Cable Length Readings.
  •      Instrument Can Be Controlled Via Front Panel Or Ethernet.
  •      All Screens Can Be Captured And Compared To Live; Captured Screens Can Be Saved To A Compact Flash Card For Documentation Purposes.
  •      DC Powered For Ease Of Use In The Field; AC Adapter Is Included.
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