Audio Levelizer SDI *
Price: $3,500.00

Audio Loudness problems are nothing new. For years broadcasters have had the challenge of providing audio and video content to their target audience while minimizing complaints about the drastic variations in audio loudness between program and commercial.

There are two main complaints

1. Commercial Loudness

2. Channel to Channel loudness variation.

As more and more channels with inconsistent audio levels are distributed to the home, public annoyance has increased. Some recent studies have shown up to a 17dB deviation in perceived loudness of programming between channels. Home listeners have had to tolerate this problem by either muting the commercials or adjusting the volume as they watch their programs.

The Dual Audio Level Master stabilizes audio volume level by adjusting gain so that the output remains constant when the input level varies wildly. The ALM  SDI will correct audio level changes over a range of more than 30dB.

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Width				19"
Height 5.25" (three rack space)
Depth 9.62
Material Aluminum / Steel
Finish/Coating Black Alodyne / Yellow Zinc
Front Panel Designations Rear Screened Acrylic
Rear Panel Designations Polyester / PCB Screened
Card-Cage Slots 9 Positions
Card-Cage Board Retainer Front Panel Thumb-Screw


Power Supply Module PS-400
Input Voltage (wall mount) 24 Volts AC (Class 2)
Power 50 Watts (40VA)
Circuit Protection Auto-Reset (PTC)
Input Frequency 60 Hz
Output Voltage +/- 12 VDC
Output Current 1 Ampere
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