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The Slate G 5000 has the switcher capabilities of the other leading 2 M/E HD production switchers, but 5000 is unique in that it also includes and integrates all of the functionality of an entire live production control room — switcher, HD CG, HD clips store, and monitoring — which none of the others do, including aspect and format conversion and video routing. It creates a dramatically more cost-effective solution making powerful live video productions suddenly affordable, in both equipment and staffing.

Create Compelling Live Video…

Creating great looking live video used to mean assembling an expensive control room and hiring a big team to run it. Now Slate creates highly compelling live video at a fraction of the cost.

Every Slate is an integrated live video production system. Each includes a production switcher, clip store, graphics stores, Inscriber character generator, comprehensive multi-view monitoring, Fluent workflow software, 16:9/ 4:3 aspect conversion and format conversion. Options extend control to robotic cameras and audio mixers. Choose an HD/SD model, or SD only, or analog, or hybrid.

Slate streamlines production workflow thanks to its Fluent software, and to the tight integration between Slate’s components. Only Slate equally handles both video and file inputs. Fluent Watch-Folders enables any size HD and SD clips and graphics to flow into Slate, without translation, even in the middle of a show. Fluent Macros play out powerful combinations of switcher moves and specific files. Fluent options drive the on-air CG from a database, or drive Slate from a GUI panel in a browser. More on workflow


Save 70% compared to buying a conventional control room
Save even more on staffing by using staff more efficiently; Even solo operators can create compelling video
Save again when upgrading to 3Gbps 1080p - the emerging HD standard

Slate G Series economically upgrades to 3G 1080p for twice the data rate of conventional HD, higher quality pictures and effects, superior multi-definition support, and the addition of 1080p I/O. Why invest in legacy HD equipment that must be thrown away when upgrading to 3G ?

Join leading broadcasters, webcasters, production houses, stadiums, trucks, schools, churches and towns using Broadcast Pix systems in over 70 countries.

Slate G 5000 Features

Sophisticated Live HD/SD Productions at a New Price Point

The Slate G 5000 is the industry’s only integrated production system with 2 M/E functionality.


It allows a single operator to run all aspects of a large, sophisticated 2 M/E live HD production, including complex graphics, animations, clips and effects, as well as control robotic cameras and audio mixers. It is ideal for larger studios with more cameras in broadcasting, webcasting, stadiums, events and other larger venues. Available in HD/SD or SD only, in three I/O configurations, and all are 3G 1080p upgradeable .

The Slate G 5000 has the switcher capabilities of the top, established 2 M/E production switchers on the market today. But the Slate G 5000 is unique in that it also includes and integrates all of the functionality of an entire live production control room—switcher, CG, clips store, still store, multi-view monitoring, aspect ratio and format conversion, and video routing. It creates a dramatically more cost-effective price point, far lower than any alternative HD/SD or SD live production suite, which makes powerful live video productions suddenly affordable, in both equipment and staffing.

2 M/Es for More Powerful Productions

The Slate G 5000 control panel has 16 source buttons per row, and can access 32 with a shift function. The Slate G 5008 model uses the 16 source buttons for 8 cameras, 2 clip channels, 5 graphic channels and black. The Slate G 5016 and G 5032 can add more cameras with their integrated routers. The Slate G 5032 can support up to 24 cameras and 22 auxiliary outputs. The Slate G 5016 can support up to 12 cameras and 6 auxiliary outputs.

Up to 6 keyers provide pristine keying, and each includes a DVE, which can create a box. The keyers are exceptionally easy to fill from internal clip and graphic stores, or 2 keyers can be combined to support an external video and key input, such as an external CG.

The extra M/E is always available to build your next composition. It provides a handy workspace to maximize your creativity. Or use the extra M/E to create a complex composition which you can then embed in the on-air M/E. For example, add a title to a camera in M/E1, and then transition it into a DVE box and show the camera with title composition for an over the shoulder box in M/E2 on air. Or use the two M/Es independently to create two independent shows, such as a live event with two screens.

Like all Slate switchers, a five channel HD graphic store and HD Inscriber CG is standard, as is AutoAspect to use 16:9 and 4:3 content interchangeably. Plus Slate 5000G hh models can simultaneously produce both 16:9 and 4:3 versions of a show at the same time.

Fail-Safe and Ready for Primetime

Slate workstations are very reliable for live television, as multiple levels of redundancy are built in to keep the show always on air. All Slate switchers include redundant control panels using the keyboard or the mouse. The switching is done on the Slate boards inside, not the workstation’s CPU, and the switcher automatically keeps a camera on air even if the workstation is unplugged. And all models that include a router feature fail-safe switching, so that if the workstation should ever stop, the cameras can still be switched using a redundant control system between the panel and router.

The Slate G 5000 also has redundant power supplies built inside both the control panel and the workstation; if any power supply fails the other takes over. And Slate G 5000 models that include routers also come standard with redundant power supplies for the routers.

Every Slate G 5000 also has a Recovery System, which includes a second system disk drive that contains everything on the system disk drive. All factory software is loaded onto both drives, and auto-back-up software is also included that enables a customer to have their data periodically backed up to this second drive. For example it can be set to back up each week, including all show files, memories, and graphics. Every Slate G 5000 also has removable media drives, which enable the clip data to be easily changed or saved on back-up 500GB removable drives.

Slate G 5000 includes:

  • Video Switcher with 16 button control panel, 32 with shift, 6 keyers, 6 DVEs and 1 chromakey/luma key. Mix 8 to 28 live SDI inputs plus 2 channels of clips and 5 channels of graphics.
  • Inscriber TitleMotion Pro HD Character Generator with animations
  • HD Clip Store with key and audio, dual channel, up to 500GB of storage
  • HD Still Store, HD Logo Generator
  • Multi-View Monitoring with full motion displays of program, preview and 7 sources, slower monitoring of other sources, plus thumbnails of keys and libraries
  • DVE on each key for up to 6 resized boxes (PIP)
  • Non-stop, on-air operation, plus the 5016 and 5032 can still switch cameras even if the workstation stops
  • AutoAspect to enable mixing of widescreen (16:9) and traditional (4:3) cameras, clips and graphics without stretching video.
  • Broadcast Pix control panel
  • Broadcast Pix router (on Slate 5016 and 5032)
  • Rack-mounted workstation with Broadcast Pix, Inscriber TitleMotion Pro CG, Windows XP, three Slate video boards, triple disks, dual NICs, dual monitor support, r/w DVD/CD, keyboard, mouse (monitor not included)


For Clip Store:
  • More clip storage, up to 1TB
  • Additional removable media trays
For CG:
  • Another CG seat
  • CG Connect, to tie on-air CG to an XML database
Camera Control
  • Panasonic camera control
  • Sony camera control
  • Hitachi camera control
  • Audio follow video for control of an audio mixer
  • Quad monitor support
  • Server control
  • Extended warranty
  • Training
  • Commissioning

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