16 TB Add On Storage via iSCSI (aprox 12.7 TB Fomatted R5 w/1 Hot Spare)
Price: $9,970
32 TB Model $15,500
VTrak M-Class iSCSI products are a new generation of our technology that provides wide interoperability with rich iSCSI/IP SAN features including immediate data, CHAP, VLAN, Link Aggregation, Jumbo Frame, iSNS for network device discovery and near wire speed performance. These functions give network administrators the flexibility to solve tough storage problems with minimum disruption to clients.  The VTrak M610i builds on Promise's success of rock-solid iSCSI technology at an affordable price.

High storage density
VTrak M-Class Products support up to 16/12/8 off-the-shelf 3.5" SATA 2 TB or 1 TB drives per system in a standard 3U/2U 19" rack space.  By taking advantage of unsurpassed capacity of SATA drives, the VTrak system delivers the highest capacity levels available.  Deliver massive storage to capacity-hungry applications such as disk-to-disk backup, media serving, video surveillance and compliance storage.

RAID 6 reliability
RAID 6 (double-parity) delivers the highest level of reliability and data protection in a cost-effective solution.  As the capacity of storage arrays increases, so does the risk of encountering unrecoverable errors. RAID 6 has two sets of parity from which the array can be rebuilt; it also remains available through up to two drive failures. This improves overall data protection, without adversely affecting performance and dramatically reduces the risk of catastrophic data loss during RAID rebuilds.

Easy to install and manage
The entire VTrak line features embedded management software, WebPAM PROe, which eliminates the need to install additional software on the network.  All VTrak systems in your network can be configured and monitored through a single, easy-to-manage web-based graphic user interface.  The software works through the VTrak system's Ethernet port locally, across a LAN, or across an internet connection to configure and monitor one or multiple VTrak system(s) and provide error reporting through pop-up messages, event logging, or email notification.  The VTrak family also simplifies integration with third-party management applications using industry-standard SNMP protocols.


    • 16 hot-swappable SATA drive bays in a robust 3U chassis
    • RAID 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10,and 50 support
    • 256MB cache with 72-hour battery backup included
    • iSCSI CHAP, ERL 0, immediate data, iSNS client and VLAN
    • Link Aggregation and Jumbo Frames
    • Hardware based TCP/IP and iSCSI Offload engine
    • Supports iSCSI Boot from SAN
    • Embedded web-based management via Ethernet
    • Robust error handling and recovery
    • Intelligent enclosure management
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