Digital To Analog Converter

The DigiFlex 1658 accepts one AES/EBU digital input and provides two sets of balanced low impedance analog outputs. Up to eleven 1658s may be mounted in a 2RU space with LINK's DigiFlex frame. Transformer coupled digital input is standard to eliminate the possibility of ground loops.

The 1658 when coupled with the 1028 rear cell offers the user selectable digital input. A simple slide switch will configure the 1658 for AES3-1992 or AES3-ID input. Analog outputs are provided by individual plug-in three terminal screw connector. The digital signal path uses state-of-the-art integrated circuits. The digital data is re-sliced and reclocked for jitter attenuation.

Sample rate is automatically detected and indicated by front panel LEDs. Data errors are also detected and reported by red LEDs on both the front and rear panels. A "Frame Fault" output can also be enabled for centralized error reporting.

The analog conversion is accomplished using a one bit Delta-Sigma converter with 24-bit resolution. In the event of an input error, the analog outputs are automatically muted. Digital de-emphasis is automatically tailored to the sample rate. A front panel switch allows the user to select deemphasis on/off.

The analog output is referenced to 0dBFS and may be adjusted in 2dB steps from +10 to +28 dBu. The output cells employ a unique crosscoupled design for precise amplitude and phase matching. The analog output can also be connected to the DigiFlex frame's audio bus for monitoring by the DigiFlex 1626.

Designed with the professional in mind, the DigiFlex 1658 will provide years of error free performance. Backed by LINK's standard 10-year warranty, the 1658 combines high-performance and reliability. The 1658 operates in the model 1000 frame.

  • 24 Bit
  • Fault LED
  • Digital De-Emphasis
  • Selectable Output Level
  • AES/EBU to Analog
  • Automatic Output Mute
  • Balanced Analog Outputs
  • Mounts in 1000 Frame
  • Transformer Coupled Inputs
  • Select BNC or Terminal Input Connectors
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