Centaur Server
for the ultimate in scalability and flexibility Centaurs powerful database driven architecture delivers: multi-user - multi-ingest - multi-server - mulit-channel - library managment - all with a very intuitive user interface
scalable multi-user database architecture
Centaur featuring ShowMaker Software

ShowMaker Pro creates daily schedules for up to weeks in advance.   Automatically Grabs ads and/or bumpers, creates verification logs, interacts with your traffic system and sends & receives GPI triggers.
It also allows simultaneous muliple users, mulitple servers, and schedules weeks or months in advance.

Whether you're running a broadcast television station or a simple kiosk ShowMaker makes it easy. Designed to quickly and easily create and run a list of video's and auxillary events in the order you wish to run them. A couple of examples: 

TV Station - If you need to create a complex schedule of MPEG files (video's) to run throughout the day with advertisements running in between program segments, ShowMaker makes this easy, allowing you to define the segments required for a complete show. By simply dropping ad folders in between segments when the show is created then saving the show you can easily update the advertisements or show content without one affecting the other. Every time you wish to play the show simply drag it into the master schedule and it will run. You can also easily define start times, interface advertisements with traffic, verify advertisements for billing and update an ad without recreating your schedule. The software also works with D.Co's extenisve 3rd party control and a variety of video switchers, providing seamless playback of digital videos, analog video tapes, CGs, station id, and live feeds.

LO Channel - Small TV stations can create the schedule for an entire program day in just a few minutes.

Remotely controlled - The ShowMaker knows when it has received a new play list and seamlessly changes over to the new list while remaining on the air. This is great for TV networks and kiosk situations where many players exist in the field unmanned.

Please note: ShowMaker software is available exclusively with our DigiCaster, DigiPlay and Large OEM projects.

for turn-key master control check out additional information here:

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