CG-2 character generators get your message on the air easily & quickly.
Prices from $795

Character Generators: 
For Your Own TV Broadcast Channel.

Get your message on the air easily & quickly. The CG-2 is so easy anyone who can use a word processor will have messages ready for broadcast in under an hour. If your application demands more try our MediaPlay Character Generator.

  Backgrounds for many occasions, holidays, lost dog/cat, weather info, pool, seasons, celebrations, announcements, along with many professionally designed borders and simple "blends".  
  250 Messages  

5 Fonts, 4 Sizes, Effects: Wide, Tall, Tall & Wide.

  Schedule messages by day of week and/or specific time windows and/or Date Range.  
  Time Date display on any or all pages.  
  For very economical applications the CG2 is available without VCD. Stand-Alone system will display a full screen color background.
  Crawl text messages over external video source. (Genlock)
  NTSC/PAL (640x480) 3 BNC Connectors, Video In, Out, & Edit Out
  Auto Sequence: System automatically sequences messages on startup.
  Remote Communications-(optional) call for details.
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