Chimera-TSS Server
IPTV Server processes all signals via GigE or ASI - without decoding
Cost-Effective Transport Stream Server

D.Co Chimera-TSS


Multiple Channel Play-out
By locally decoding GOPs around transitions and by converting on demand any B or P frame into an I frame, the D.Co Chimera TSS ™ servers are Frame Accurate and integrate seamlessly compressed play-out workflows. By removing the traditional GOP barrier while preserving the content quality.  Interfaced with Thales' SI/PSIP solutions (JADE & PEARL), Chimera TSS ™ is a self-contained broadcast station. The D.Co Chimera TSS ™ can manage up to 4 SD channels plus 1 HD channel simultaneously.

Ad Insertion (digital program insertion)
By combining splicing technologies and the latest SCTE standards, D.Co’s Chimera TSS ™ implements ad insertions seamlessly. In addition, Chimera TSS ™ interfaces with all standard splicers (SCTE30).This provides broadcasters with the opportunity to maximize revenues and handle different advertising market requirements, while saving on cost.

Time Delay
The Chimera TSS ™ performs record and playback with programmable delays enabling broadcasters or contribution operators to manage different time zones.

Chimera TSS ™ time delay and multiplexing capabilities are perfectly suited to nVOD applications, where the same program is broadcast on multiple channels with a fixed time shift.

Store and Forward
D.Co’s Chimera TSS ™ performs stream acquisition at the network operation center and play-out at the edge.  Apart from the scheduling and bandwidth management, Chimera TSS ™ can be deployed on multiple reception sites at an affordable price, The Store, Forward and Play-back process can be automatically performed, using hot folder capabilities.

Main Features
Frame Accurate Record and Playback of MPEG-2 or optionally h.264Transport Stream files

Simultaneous Play-Back of 4 SD channels plus one HD channel.  De-multiplexing capability to select

   specific programs from the incoming multiplexes

PID/Program remapping

Seamless splicing in the MPEG-2 domain (live to live, live to disk)

Record-list and playlist scheduling on a weekly basis

Automatic import of playlist and assets through hot folders

Time delay capabilities for one or several incoming streams, from seconds to hours.

Simultaneous re-multiplexing of several playlists, live or delayed streams in real time to create a fully

   MPEG-2, DVB, ATSC compliant multiplex, which can be directly connected to a modulator.

 MXF unwrapper for Transport Streams

Client application for Configuration and Supervision can be launched on a remote system via TCP/IP

Frame-accurate editing of the stored stream, by setting begin and end locators.

SI/PSIP insertion when coupled with Thales JADE/PEARL EPG solutions

High reliability storage (RAID)

Automation control through multiple interfaces (VDCP, SCTE30, SCTE35)

ASI Interfaces
›› Up to 4 I/O pairs
›› Connector: BNC F, 75Ω
›› Up to 84 Mbps per connector
›› Data format: burst, packet
›› Packet length: 188, 204
Gig-E Interfaces
›› Dual port NIC adapter
›› Dual port MPEG adapter
›› Up to 300 Mbps in
›› Up to 300 Mbps out
›› Unicast and multicast
›› Data format: UDP, RTP
Stream Processing
›› Multiple stream recording
›› Multiple channel playout
›› MPEG stream monitoring and visualization
›› Multiplexing, de-multiplexing
›› Continuous or event-based capture
›› Frame-accurate splicing
›› Logo insertion
›› PSI/SI/PSIP management
›› PID remapping
›› Playlist & clip management
Supported Formats
›› ISO, DVB, ATSC signaling
›› MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video (4:2:0, 4:2:2,
frame, field)
›› MPEG-1, AAC, AC3 audio
›› Client/server GUI
›› FTP import, export
›› Automatic clip provisioning
›› Automatic schedule import
›› SNMP v2 agent
›› VDCP interfaces
›› GPI inputs
2-RU Server
›› CPU: 2.66 GHz quad core
›› RAM: 6 GB
›› Internal storage: SAS, RAID-5 from 700 GB
to 6 TB
›› Possible external storage
›› Redundant power supply
›› From 1 to 4 ASI I/O
›› Gig- E MPEG adapter
1-RU Server
›› CPU: 2.66 GHz quad core
›› RAM: 6 GB
›› Internal storage: SAS, RAID-5 from 300 GB
to 1.5 TB
›› Possible external storage
›› Redundant power supply
›› ASI (2 I/O) or Gig-E adapter
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