Line Conditioning UPS
Price as shown: $2650

Protection against all forms of power anomalies

We hear it over and over "My system is dead!"  Most of the time the problem is caused by power issues!  A surge protector alone just won't cut it, especially for broadcasters!

With true online and double conversion your gear will be safe against all power anomalies not only surges.  Eliminate the number one source of sudden damage to your ar.  Purchase a line conditioning ups.

Protect against:

  • EMI/RFI noise
  • Voltage sags
  • brownout conditions
  • Harmonics
  • Power-factor corrected loads
  • Outages
  • Frequency Variations
  • Power spikes and transients

Several options available including the optional ad on battery pack to extend the length of standby power during outages as shown above.
*Price as shown:????????


In normal operation, the inverter utilizes the DC output of the power factor correction circuit and “inverts” it into precise, regulated sinewave AC power.  Upon a utility power failure, the inverter receives its required energy from the battery through the DC-DC converter. In both modes of the operation, the UPS inverter is on-lineand continuously generating clean, precise, regulated AC output power.


The DC-DC converter utilizes energy from the battery system and raises the DC voltage to the optimum operating voltage for the inverter. This allows the inverter to operate continuously at its optimum efficiency and voltage, thus increasing reliability.


In normal operation, the rectifier/power factor correction (PFC) circuit converts utility AC power to regulated DC power for use by the inverter, while ensuring that the waveshape of the input current used by the UPS is near ideal.

Extracting this sinewave input current achieves two objectives: the utility power is used as efficiently as possible by the UPS, and the amount of distortion reflected on the utility is reduced. This results in cleaner power being available to other devices in the building not being protected by the UPStation GXT™


The UPStation GXT™ provides an alternate path for utility power to the connected load, in the unlikely event of a UPS malfunction. Should the UPS have an overload, over temperature, or UPS failure condition, the UPS automatically transfers the connected load to bypass. Bypass operation is indicated by an alarm and an illuminated Bypass LED (other LED’s may be illuminated to indicate the diagnosed problem). To manually transfer the connected load from the inverter to bypass power, press the Off button once.

NOTE: The bypass power path does NOT protect the connected equipment from disturbances on the utility supply.

The UPStation GXT UPS is a true on-line design with a sine wave output. Each unit is provided with a detachable 6 foot input cord with NEMA 5-15P plug and is 120 VAC, 60 or 50 Hz. The unit is UL and c-UL listed. Included are input and output noise suppression; input power factor correction; two step battery recharge; PWM inverter; integral sealed, non-spillable, user replaceable battery; battery fuses; automatic and manual battery test feature with push button and indicator; microprocessor-based control and monitoring package; two speed fan; automatic restart; RS232 communication port; output voltage selctor switches (for 100, 110, 120 and 127 VAC); and integral dynamic bypass. The LED display provides annunciation of battery capacity; percentage of UPS load; battery operation; bypass operation and UPS fault condition. (Note: The securing flanges do not support the weight of the UPS and rack slides or shelves are required). The UPStation GXT UPS has a two year warranty that covers parts and labor.


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