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Quick Start Guide

DigiCaster FAQ's

Digicaster Troubleshooing Guide



T1G3FT    (Run this setup for a first time installation of D.Co Gryphon V5.7.1.15)

T1G3Upgrade  (Run this setup for an upgrade to current installation of D.Co Gryphon)

Setup PE

Latest Build PE

Hints, Configuration                                                


 Version Changes

MediaPlay Character Generator

MediaPlay Quickstart

MediaPlay Manual

MediaPlay Demo Disk 1.zip980 k

MediaPlay Demo Disk 2.zip1363 k


Qingen -112 Character Generator

Qingen Manual.pdf 288k


The Kid CG

Kid Manual.pdf 420k



Admaestro Introduction.pdf 140k

Admaestro Digital Pre-Installation Survey.pdf 123k

Admaestro Keypad Programming Analog.pdf 57k

Admaestro Keypad Programming Digital.pdf 57k

Audio Video and Control Connections.pdf 8k

Blank Network Setting Worksheet.pdf 15k

Control and Comm Port Connections.pdf 90k



Soloist Manual.pdf 77k

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